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Looking for Home Painters in Toronto?

Jdesign Custom Paint Solutions is a leading painting solution provider across top Canadian cities, including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, and more. We have been serving property owners, home builders, ICI builders, and renovators across Canada for many years.

As a leading painting service provider, we are committed to delivering a wide range of solutions with the utmost quality. From basement finish, popcorn ceiling removal, staircase, and kitchen cabinet painting to condo painting, brick painting, and many interior, exterior, and custom painting solutions, we are here for your every need.

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Welcome to Jdesign, Canada’s Most Reliable Custom Painting Service Provider

Custom painting in Toronto

Top-rated Painting Company with a Range of Painting Solutions

Our combined effort and domain expertise will spare you from hiring multiple service providers. We are here to provide a comprehensive painting solution under one roof from kitchen cabinet painting services all the way to your exterior painting services. We work with professional, skilled, experienced, and certified staff who can transform your property into a dream house.
As a reputable house painting solution provider in Canada, Jdesign has come with ultimate painting solutions. We feel proud to deliver extensive painting services to the people of Canada. Our wide-ranging painting services include:

Exterior House Painting

Custom Painting and more

Full basement painting

Doors and Sidings

Interior Painting Services

We have a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals. We use the most advanced tools, equipment, and supplied to deliver the product within the assured period. We are a registered and licensed business, and we offer a detailed and complete quote.

We have the tools, workforce, and resources to deliver a range of painting and house renovation solutions. Ranging from complete brush, spraying, rolling, and electrostatic applications, we have excelled in every task related to house painting.

We take care of both indoor and outdoor Painting and our fully-trained and skilled crew can reach all the places, including height to get their job done. As a reputable painting company, we have acquired working at heights certificate and liability insurance coverage against various types of mishaps.

Jdesign Custom Paint Solutions

Spray Painting Service

Jdesign Custom Paint Solutions is one of the most reliable spray painting solution providers in Canada. We have the experience of working on various spray painting projects. We have been in the industry for a long time, and we have the privilege of serving thousands of clients across all top-ranked Canadian cities.

As a leading painting company in Canada, we have excelled in spray painting and custom painting services. We understand the essence of spray painting and apply the best equipment and methods to deliver 100% satisfactory solutions.

As a responsible painting service provider, we use the best material to give your properties the best look. We are sensitive to environmental issues, and we never use equipment harmful to the environment and human health as well.

Ultimate Spray Painting Solutions

Although brush painting is one of the most famous painting options, it may not be suitable for specific surfaces like kitchen cabinets and other furniture. Spray painting is one of the most effective painting options for durable and high-quality outcomes. Our range of spray painting services includes:

• Surface preparation
• Metal surface renovation or restoration
• High-volume spray custom painting
• Precision application

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tichmond Hill, Toronto , & all GTA

Popcorn ceilings were quite trendy in the 80s, and we can still see thousands of homes across Canada. For some homeowners, popcorn ceilings are old fashion, and they want to remove them. We have been in the Painting industry for quite some time now, and we have helped hundreds of homeowners renovate their homes by removing the popcorn ceiling.

Although popcorn ceiling removal is a complex task, we have gained expertise in this. We are here to deliver a 100% satisfactory popcorn ceiling removal service. At Jdesign Custom Paint Solutions, we offer a cost-effective popcorn ceiling removal service, and the best part is that our job does not end here. Following the removal of popcorn from the ceiling, we apply paint coats on the surface.

Our dedicated team of professional painters can help you remove your popcorn ceiling in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto, Newmarket, and basically all across GTA. we have special tools and techniques to make it as flat as possible. and we provide Aftercare services to remove all the outdated popcorn ceiling to a new ceiling.

Kitchen Cabinet Repaint

Want to give your kitchen cabinets a new look? We are here to provide you with the best kitchen cabinet repainting solutions. A fresh coat layer can give your kitchen an appealing look without spending heftily on renovation projects.

As a leading painting company in Toronto, Jdesign Custom Paint Solutions helps you save money on kitchen renovation by delivering complete kitchen cabinet painting solutions. Repainting kitchen cabinet will give your kitchen a gorgeous look and eliminate grime and grease, giving the cabinet a fresh look.

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of a house, as this is the place where you enjoy some quality times with your dearest ones. We are here to make the environment better by giving your kitchen the best look with custom painting solutions.

Our approach for the Kitchen Cabinets Repainting Includes:
  • We will start by covering all the exposed area with paper and plastic sheets
  • We will apply a primer in the beginning, which will be a light coat on the surface of cabinets
  • After a few hours, we will sand cabinet bones to make the surface smoother and grain and debris-free
  • A coat will be applied approx 2-3 times to ensure the desired finish
  • We will inspect the final products to ensure they meet our company standards
  • Finally, we will apply double White Pigment Shellac coats and leave the cabinets for drying
  • Again, we will send it to make the surface grain and debris-free
  • The final coat will be applied at least 2-3 times for perfect coverage
  • you can view the entire process at Kitchen Cabinet repainting page