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Popcorn ceiling used to be a popular option for home renovation in the early days. As new house renovation trends are emerging, popcorn ceilings have become outdated, and a lot of people prefer to remove it to enhance the visual appeal.

With years of expertise, Jacob Spray Paint services have started offering popcorn ceiling removal services across Toronto, Richmond, Hill, and Markha. In case you are searching for the most trustworthy service provider, you have come to the right platform.

Jacob Spray Paint services has acquired a great reputation with its excellent services. We are still committed to offering the best quality drywall and painting services at a reasonable cost.

Unlike others, we have always prioritized quality over anything, and it helped to earn the clients’ trust uniquely. We have worked with a low-profit margin, which makes us an affordable choice for everyone who looks out for the best popcorn ceiling removal services.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have focused on acquiring a great team of professionals to carry out the work. Today, we have an excellent team that is fully committed to making a difference with their work.

Our professionals can help in removing the age-old popcorn ceiling and improve the visual appealing uniquely.

we constantly strive to be the number 1 popcorn ceiling removal company in Richmond Hill, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry and delivering top quality paint services in Richmond Hill, north york and Toronto, we shall reach our goals within few years.

we put customers at the heart of our operations and we believe the Most important key to success is our customer satisfaction.

As a reputed painting company from Canada, we have started offering a wide range of services under the same roof, and clients can opt for various styles. Once the popcorn ceiling removal work is over, people can choose a smooth, stylish finish to suit your styling requirements.

The colour and appearance are two critical factors that define the ambiance, and you can opt for ultra-modern ceiling trends to make a wow factor for your rooms. Apart from this, you can also opt for pot light, crown moulding, or something else.

Over the years, Jacob Spray Paint services has gained expertise in popcorn ceiling removal, and you can get the best quality work if you hire us. We have mastered the art of popcorn ceiling removal in these years, and you can get both drywall repairs and acoustic popcorn ceiling removal service at an unbelievable price.

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How has Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process Done?

The entire process of popcorn ceiling removal has been divided into three different parts to make it simpler. The first step is preparation, the second step is the removal of the ceiling, and the final step is painting and cleaning up, and it is complete.

Jacob Spray Paint services is a leading painting solution provider across top Canadian cities, including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, and more. We have been serving property owners, home builders, ICI builders, and renovators across Canada for many years.

As a leading painting service provider, we are committed to delivering a wide range of solutions with the utmost quality. From basement finish, popcorn ceiling removal, staircase, and kitchen cabinet painting to condo painting, brick painting, and many interior, exterior, and custom painting solutions, we are here for your every need.

Once our expert sends the green signal, we will start working on scraping. In many cases, the ceilings take time to get wet, and we have to carry out the wet down process twice to make it easier. We will carefully scrape out the popcorn ceiling and sand the ceiling down.

Before applying paint, our experts will thoroughly inspect the ceiling for imperfections and workers will start preparations for texturing or leave it blank, in case of specific requirements. Removal of the age-old popcorn ceiling will give your room a whole new look, and you can avail of the peace of mind.

Unless clients have a specific requirement, we will paint the ceiling once the drywall finish cures for a day. Next, we will apply a prime coat along with a water-based primer. Next, we will apply one coat of paint to the ceiling as per your choice, and it is almost complete. Lastly, we will remove all the masking as no more painting works remain, and we will perform clean up for the area.

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Why Hire Us?

Popcorn ceiling removal may cost you hundreds of dollars, but hiring us, will help save your money. We have gained expertise in popcorn ceiling removal, and we can help to customize the work so that you can get the job done under your budget.

As a reputed service provider from Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Markha, we are committed to offering the highest client satisfaction. We use advanced tools, and we aim to provide the desired quality of work so that people remember our name when it comes to a recommendation.

Our popcorn ceiling removal process is fast, and it may take a maximum of three days, depending on the size of the work. Clients won’t have to suffer unnecessary delays, and these are the key advantages of hiring our service.

  • Comprehensive warranty on work
  • Customization
  • Cost savings in the long term
  • Best quality work

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